Ron had your back, and he will again!

Ron LeLeux only vetoed one ordinance during his 8 years as mayor of Sulphur. Chris Duncan voted to spend $320,000 of your tax dollars to pave Arena Road, saying that spending your money was "a no brainer." 


Sulphur Deserves Leadership for a Change

        Sulphur native and former mayor, Ron LeLeux, has officially announced that he will be a candidate for mayor of Sulphur in the April 5th election.

         “Our corner of Louisiana is on the cusp of unprecedented economic growth and all of us who call Sulphur home are poised to benefit, but for that to happen, Sulphur needs a mayor that can communicate across boundaries and work with all the leaders in the region and throughout the state,” said LeLeux. READ MORE >>

Continue the Progress?     

Four years ago, Chris Duncan told you Sulphur had "stood still long enough." Where's his action on Frontage Road? The Variety Store? His drainage plan we've never seen? The abandoned community garden? Now his slogan is "Continue the Progress."  READ MORE >>

Let's Give Credit Where Credit Is Due!        

The Grove at Heritage Square was in development for many years and Sulphur Parks and Recreation should be commended for making this a reality for the people of Sulphur. Duncan's handlers like to give him credit for this project... READ MORE >>